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Have a business? There's a Blueprint™ for you.

Are you ready to skip the business hurdles and focus on your passion? Save hours of consulting costs with our proven business processes, roles - & MORE - packed into your own Blueprint™.

Which Product Is Right for You?
Young Business Owner

For Small Businesses With Big Plans

Perfect for the business that needs more documented & systemized processes.


Each Blueprint™ contains an entire department of written processes. Focuses on the sustainability and scalability of your business.

Business Colleagues

For Companies Needing To 

Hire Someone New

Perfect for the business that is ready to expand their team.

Gives you individual role Blueprints™ for the most common back-office positions - includes key skills, description, and performance management documents,

Businessman on Phone

For Entrepreneurs With A Lot To Remember

Perfect for that entrepreneur who wants to remember all of the important tasks & dates to run a healthy business.

Focuses on reminders to keep your business deadlines top of mind.


For Business Owners Wanting

To Define Their Vision

Perfect for that entrepreneur just starting out or who has a team that needs to define their goals and strategy.

Focuses on defining your vision & goals, and embracing principles to create sustainable improvement.


The Business
Reminders: Playbook BOPs™

(Business Owner Prompts)

Original Price: $249

Launch Price: $199

No platform subscription required. 


This package includes:

25+ Business Reminders, Easily At Hand, including:

- Tax Due Dates

- Computer Security Backups

- Secretary of State Filings

- Utilities

- Payroll

- Accounting Reconciliation

- Contract Reviews

- & more!


Built in recurrence scheduling - Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, & Weekly

Easy import accessibility

Universal .ICS files to load onto your favorite Calendar, including Apple, Samsung, Google, & Outlook!

The Small Business
Playbook: Process Blueprints™

Launch Price: 20% OFF

No platform subscription required. 

Systemize every section of your business:

Complete systems & process workflows for each back-office department:

- Human Resources (HR)- $799 (a $200 savings!)

     Includes: Employee Performance Management

                     Disciplinary Action Process

                     & more!

- Finance & Accounting - $649 (a $150 savings!)

     Includes: Reconciliation Process

                     Payroll Process

                     & more!

- Purchasing & Sourcing - $399 (a $100 savings!)

     Includes: Office Supply Replenishment Process

                     Contracted Items Purchasing Process

                     & more!


The New Hire
Playbook: Role Blueprints™

Original Price: $149

Launch Price: $99

No platform subscription required. 

These packages include:

All most common job roles available, including:

- Office Manager

- Accounting Manager

- Executive Assistant

- AP Admin

- AR Admin

- & more!


Gives insight into all of the roles used in the Process Blueprints™ 


Shortcut onboarding process, each Role Blueprint™ includes key skills, job descriptions, and performance evaluation forms.


The Planning
Playbook: Strategy Blueprint™

Original Price: $699

Launch Price: $549

No platform subscription required. 

This package includes:

A strategic planning blueprint to strengthen your organization.

Strategic plans ensure all members of your organization understand the end goal and incorporate operational excellence.


Provides worksheets and questionnaires to guide your sessions.


Engages all members of the planning team to identify goals and objectives, keeping everyone on track.

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