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Common questions about

Playbook Makers & our products

How does leveraging automated business workflows increase employee productivity and morale?

playbook.SB and all of the Playbook Makers automated workflow products keep business running smoothly and allow employees to feel empowered to continue working without stopping to get approvals.

How will automating my business workflows allow me to be more creative?

playbook.SB by Playbook Makers provides business owners insight into the daily operations of their employees without slowing you down or asking for updates – allowing you to stay in the creative zone all day long.

How can business workflows help grow
my business?

Our business workflows make your new employees productive on their first day - getting them up to speed quickly and efficiently - making hiring a painless activity.

Can a business owner take a peek into where a process is at any time?

playbook.SB provides business owners visibility into the status of each business workflow at any time through the app portal, so they can quickly review process status 24 hours a day – first thing in the morning, during lunchtime or after the kids go to bed – so you always have a snapshot of how the business is running.

How can a business owner be sure they are included in critical decisions without micromanaging?

playbook.SB builds in critical go/no go intervention points to ensure all critical decisions receive owner input before proceeding, so nothing major happens without your approval

How does adding automated business workflows provide business sustainability?

Playbook Makers understands that every employee is critical to the business, but that doesn’t mean the business should stop when an employee takes a vacation or leaves the company.  Our automated business workflows provide the necessary continuity to ensure business continues even if a critical employee is unavailable.

Do automated workflows eliminate information hoarding?

Our product, playbook.SB, provides workflow and data distribution, so everyone has access to institutional knowledge and no one person or department withholds necessary information except for confidential data not for public viewing.

Can business workflows assist with uniformly managing employees?

playbook.SB is designed to ensure all employees are managed using a uniform performance management system, so all employees receive equal supervisor management that has been approved by the business owner and the Human Resources advisor.

Can utilizing business workflows improve the value of my business?

playbook.SB provides business continuity making your business sustainable past your ownership and much more valuable to the next business owner.

What is a business workflow?

Playbook Makers defines a workflow as the steps in a business work process, through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion.

What is the difference between policies, processes and procedures?

The differences between policies, processes and procedures lie in the level of detail: 

  • A policy is a set of company guidelines.

  • A process is a high level set of actions that must happen to ensure compliance with the policy.

  • A procedure is a specific, detailed series of tasks that must happen to implement the process and comply with the policy.

Why is it critical for business owners to automate their business workflows?

Utilizing Playbook Makers' products to automate your business workflows drives efficiency into the business and allows every employee and department to work at their maximum level.



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