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We've Built the Playbook To 

Help Your Suppliers Succeed

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Equip Your Suppliers To Scale Their Business

At Playbook Makers, we understand that corporations are looking for repeatability and scalability in all aspects of the business, not just operations. Corporations expect the 1,000th widget to look exactly like the first and providing that continuity is crucial to mitigating the risk associated with moving to a new supplier.

Business owners cannot do all the heavy lifting alone.

According to entrepreneurship data, 32% of small business owners have only taken a couple of business classes, while most (46%) don’t have any form of business education.

In the US, only 9% of entrepreneurs have business degrees.

Instead, their energy has been focused on developing industry-specific expertise. This industry expertise makes them valuable creators and innovators, but documented business processes and workflows are the key to ensuring that each new supplier is ready for the next big contract.

With Playbook Makers, Suppliers Can


Foster Contract Readiness

Includes pre-built processes that help suppliers maintain contract readiness.


Build Capacity

Provides the tools for suppliers to efficiently manage contracts, cutting down on time that can be used to scale and build capacity.


Develop Strong Networks

Equips your company to help develop suppliers and provide supportive resources.

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Ways to Engage with Playbook Makers


Encourage your potential small business owners to review Playbook Makers and make the decision to simplify their business.


Connect with Playbook Makers to provide a discount to your potential small business suppliers so they can automate their workflows.


Include Playbook Makers' tools in your supplier diversity toolkit to ensure your new diverse supplier contract is out-of-the-park successful!



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