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Playbook BOPs™

All of the key business reminders...

in your favorite calendar app.


Our Playbook "Business Owner Prompts", or BOPs, take all of the key important tasks & dates that are clogging up your brain and puts them into one centralized location -


We have taken all of our reminders and made them into universal .ICS files for easy upload into any calendar app or program that you use - whether it is Apple or Samsung or Outlook or Google - simply import with all of the recurring data built right in!

Business Owner in Workshop

Let's get organized!

25+ Business Reminders, Easily At Hand, including:

- Tax Due Dates

- Computer Security Backups

- Secretary of State Filings

- Utilities

- Payroll

- Accounting Reconciliation

- Contract Reviews

- & more!


Built in recurrence scheduling - Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, & Weekly

Easy import accessibility

Universal .ICS files to load onto your favorite Calendar, including Apple, Samsung, Google, & Outlook!

Easy as 1, 2, 3!



Purchase and download the .ZIP folder containing the calendar files.


Extract & Import

Extract the files from the folder and open from your phone or computer - or import online.



Follow the instructions in the location line - then save!

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